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Technical data

Here you can find all the spec-sheets you need.
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Question: What's your address?

Address: Kerkstraat 108, 9050 Ghent, Belgium – Business-center “De Punt”

Question: How do I handle a harddrive failure?

To make sure the drive is still under warranty:

  • Don’t write anything on the drive.
  • Make sure no mounting screw points are broken.
  • Leave the drive as it is and send it back the way it was mounted in the device.

Question: Why is the server/cliënt crashing?

It depends on the symptoms. Is it working normally at first or does it start up and give a BSOD?

This could be a problem with drivers or it might be overheating.

Question: How can we reach you?

Via e-mail or telephone. Or a friendly visit in person!
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