Product Description

The Hawc IHFB-H310-CM1 is a Fanless Box-PC suitable as industrial controller or client visualization up to 4K resolutions and H.265 (HEVC) decoding, even in harsh environments like industry, electronic cabinets, machine building etc… Since no fans are used the system will not only have no problems with defective fans but it will also be silent. The IHFB-H310-CM1 can support multiple video streams over 1 HDMI and 1 VGA interface. Based on the 8th Intel Core platform the IHFB-H310-CM1 is a compact, power-saving but powerful solution. Compared to most other fanless and robust solutions based on (Intel ULV platforms) the H310 platform delivers a way higher performance.

Technical Information

The IHFB-H310-CM1 comes with accessories for use in wall-mount applications so it can easily be attached in a vertical way. The IHFB-series boot very fast thanks to SSD technology and offers full protection against viruses, malware and unauthorized software installation by use of the Microsoft Lockdown Features.